Getting There

[006] Structure - Part 2


The second in a two-part… structure. Jared and Sophia pick up where they left off talking through the structure (or lack thereof) in their lives: understanding there are a fixed 24 hours in a day, setting goals and themes, and nurturing intentionality by slowing down.


“Amelia loves doing training runs in the rain and cold, as she knows her competition is probably opting out”- Tim Ferriss, Tools of Titans

This is Water by David Foster Wallace

Pull out a sheet of paper, write down:

  1. Your goal, and the timeframe you'd like to achieve it over
  2. 1-3 things you'll reduce in order to accomplish that (mental or time bandwidth)
  3. What can you add? What's the smallest thing you can add every day?

ChatGPT-generated email sign-offs

“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast” - referenced in Extreme Ownership

Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday